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Start-Up Company Levels

Start-Up Company Levels

Start-Up Company Levels

Maybe many of you often hear the term this startup. So, what exactly is a startup company? A startup company is a relatively new company, where it is still being started. Companies like this are generally technology-based. The startup itself is divided into several classes or levels that differentiate them from one another. Here are the levels of startup companies that you should know about.

Start-Up Company Rankings

1. Cockroach

As we mentioned earlier, startup companies are startup companies whose operational period has not been long, or in other words, startup companies are new companies.

Within a startup company, there are several levels of a startup company. Starting from the first, cockroach. Cockroach refers to a startup company that is still in its infancy. Because it is relatively new, cockroach's valuation value is relatively small

Companies that are included in the Cockroach category are generally companies that have just been started for less than 5 years, both at home and abroad.

2. Ponies

Ponies rating refers to startup companies that have a valuation of up to the US $ 10 million or around 140 billion.

A startup company is said to be successful if it has entered this ponies level because the valuation value will continue to increase along with the increasing interest of investors to invest their capital.

For example, startup companies that are included in the Ponies group are companies both at home and abroad. whose technology-based services are beginning to be recognized by the public with the addition of features here and there on a regular basis?

3. Centaurs

Being the name of a Greek mythological creature, Centaurs became the name of the next tier of startup companies.

Companies that successfully enter the Centaurs tier are companies that are able to survive with a valuation of up to the US $ 100 million.

If the valuation value touches the US $ 100 million, investors will start arriving to invest. The capital collected will later add to the valuation value of the startup company and it is not impossible that it will enter the next level, namely the unicorn.

4. Unicorn

Unicorn itself is an advanced level of ponies, where the company that is included in the unicorn class is a company that has a valuation value of US $ 1 billion or the equivalent of Rp. 14.1 trillion.

The term unicorn was first introduced by Aileen Lee, an investor from the United States who revealed that it was almost impossible for a startup company that was founded in 2013 to reach a valuation value of US $ 1 billion or equivalent to Rp. 14.1 trillion.

Unicorns are then popular in various parts of the world, where there are several technology-based startup companies that are categorized as unicorn companies. Companies that enter the unicorn level and take the floor on the stock exchange, then you should consider buying the company's shares. But make sure again, the company's fundamental analysis is good.

5. Decacorn

The unicorn company doesn't stop there. If there is a significant increase in the value of the valuation, the unicorn company will move to the next level, namely decacorn.

The naming of decacorn itself first appeared in an article published by an article in Bloomberg in 2015. United States financier, Aileen Lee revealed that there were several unicorn startup companies in 2013 which then moved up to a new level to become decacorn in 2015.

Decacorn refers to startup companies that have an evaluation value of more than US $ 10 billion. This level certainly requires investors with fantastic funds.

From abroad, several leading companies have succeeded in registering their names as decacorn startup companies such as SpaceX, the space company fronted by Elon Musk.

6. Hectocorn level

The final level of the tier in a startup company is the hectocorn. Hectocorn is the highest level and there are only a few technology-based companies that fall into this group because of the large valuation value that must be owned.

Hectocorn itself refers to companies that have a valuation value of US $ billion or around Rp.1,400 trillion.

With a valuation of this size, it is certain that companies that enter the hectocorn category are multinational or world-class companies.