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Review Job

Review Job

Along with the rapid development of Internet Information Technology as a Source of Easy, Fast & Latest Information. And with more and more users accessing these services to find Product Information, Services & Other Information. So it's good for you Online Businesses/Advertisers to take advantage of this excellent opportunity by starting to promote business products or services that you manage.

In facilitating the matters mentioned above, Admin Blog eNews Daily tries to offer the creation/display of review articles for the promotion of business products & services that you manage.

Why should I review articles? Yes because with a review article, you can provide complete information about the advantages of products, services that you manage on the internet so that your products and services will be widespread and can bring many visitor opportunities, which in the end it is hoped that there will be Closing of Transactions/Sales.

The review article itself is one of the rights and effective promotional strategies to increase the value of your product/service branding. Technical Review later by informing and reviewing your Products/Services in detail to attract the attention of your prospective customers whose target market is very broad on the internet

To fulfill all of that, We offer the creation and viewing of review articles with the following details:

  1. Article topics: Online Business, Blogging, Computers, Or the Internet.
  2. Number of words: 500 words
  3. The number of images is adjustable
  4. Broadcast period: No Time Limit/Forever
  5. Many backlinks: Maximum 3 pieces (Towards Homepage, Category, and Post Pages).

For the cost of creating and viewing Review Articles, we offer them at very affordable prices. You are free to choose whether the article is written by the Admin Blog with the topic or theme determined by you (Advertiser) or the content provided by you (Advertiser) yourself.

Review Article Service Fee:

  • Price: USD 20/Article (For Article Material written by the Admin Blog)
  • Price: USD 17/Article (For Article Material provided by Advertiser)

How, are you interested in ordering a review article on the eNews Daily?

If interested, please contact the Admin via Email Us.

Thank you,

Best Regard.